Our Human Resources Policy

We are trying to create our company’s human resources policy with the ‘human first’ at logical framework approach to reach our corporate goals by believing in the determination of the human element.

In this context, our basic human resources policy is to increase efficiency, job satisfaction and happiness by providing systems and implementations that create opportunities and contribute to the development of our employees.

Our Main Goals:
• Open to changes and innovation
• To create an employee profile that learns, shows continuous self-improvement efforts, works with team spirit and awareness, and reflects the company performance in addition to personal performance by implementing ‘Total Quality Management’ in the entire company.
• Improve the performance-based salary, self-development and career opportunities with the parallel of the company’s facilities to strengthen employee’s sense of belonging.

Our Values
 In the framework of our “Human First” approach;
• We respect the human dignity of our employees, trust them, appreciate and share success.
• We give importance to the privacy of personal information of our employees.
• We give importance to the health and safety of our employees and environmental health.