Food safety and human health have always been our first priority and always will be. We implement control, inspection and system application in a direction of adopted principles which is ‘food safety from farm to table’. We take GMO’s seriously and check the source of the seed before even crop in the field, in other words; we check the raw material even before it enters the food chain and gets processed.

We take measures and implement them in order to prevent the use of GMO’s in raw materials a legal process was taken into action in relation to GMO’s in our country. We have passed the audit which was performed to keep at the forefront of food safety and human health by the customers who is operating on an international level.

As known, corn, our basic material is supplied from Çukurova region. Cultivation of the GMO seed is prohibited in our country. We request the receipts that identify the type of seed from farmers and traders, and compare the list that show where GMO- free seeds come from, at the end of this process we decide to purchase the specified products that does not contain any risk of GMO’s. In addition, samples of corn are periodically analysed for GMO’s in accredited independent laboratories.

In fact, food safety is a constant part of our practice. Analysis and audit results are shared with our customers and delivered to them when needed. In short, our products are GMO- free and do not contain genetically modified organisms. In addition, GMO’s or its derivatives are never used during the process of our products.

We care about our people. We carry our future goals and our investment in this direction. We will continue to act consciously about GMO’s and will continue to meet the highest levels of customer expectations.