Sunar Group deals with occupational health and the environment as a first priority in every area of its activity. For this purpose, it provides continuous training about Occupational Health and Environmental Management Systems for its employees to increase awareness on this issue, and encourage participation and teamwork. In doing so, we contribute to formation of consciousness for the customers, suppliers, subcontractor and related parties. In this context, the goal is to eliminate the occupational and environmental risk factors completely, create a safe working environment in all the Group’s facilities and to be Model Company for the Occupational Health and Environmental Management Systems standard.

Sunar Group Accordingly;

  • Complies with the standards that in force of work by its member of organizations as well as foreseen safety and environmental legislation.
  • Makes efforts to ensure continuous improvement and growth of environmental activities, and work safety.
  • Makes accurate risk analysis on time to pre-identify and eliminate the hazards associated work safety and environment.
  • Raises awareness of work safety and the environment for employees.
  • Takes proactive measures to prevent pollution of soil, air and water in all its activities.
  • Supervises its activities constantly to prevent the occupational accidents and the environmental risks, and makes preventive and corrective plans and implements them.
  • Makes efforts to reduce and recycle waste, and save natural resources by using new technologies.
  • Review the policy according to changing conditions.

Follows technological developments to enhance its performance about work safety and environmental issues, makes commitment to perpetuate environmentally-conscious, healthy and safe work places.