Completed Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.


1)      Built Sunar Nuri Çomu High School

2)      Gave financial Support to build Çukurova Faculty of Theology

3)      Gave financial Support to build Darende Faculty of Theology

4)      Gave financial support to setup of Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Campus

5)      Gave clothing and stationary donation to Ağrı Tutak Primary School student

6)      Support to education of Traffic Safety Awareness Week

7)      Gave financial support to Construction of Hasanbeyli Gazi Primary School

8)      Gave financial support to build Haci Fatma Feride Hatun girl’s Quran School

9)      Gave financial support to build Hasanbeyli Governor Celalettin Cerrah Nursery School

10)   Gave financial support for construction of Adana Quran School

11)   Gave financial support for construction of Adana İlim Yayma Cemiyeti Male Dormitory

12)    Awards scholarship to approximately 300 students in every year.


1)      Gave financial support for establishment of Adana State Hospital Sunar-Nuri Çomu Hemodialysis Unit

2)      Gave financial support to put in order of three patient rooms at Adana Chest Hospital

3)      Gave financial support to buy mammography equipment and unit for Darende State Hospital

4)      Made donation to buy medical device for Osmaniye State Hospital

5)      Made sports good donation for youth who is in rehabilitation of drug addiction

6)      Made donation to publish children cookbook for Bertiz Nursery School and help opening marrow transplantation unit for the children cancer society

7)      Made donation to buy 5 devises for intensive care unit in Osmaniye State Hospital

8)      Gave financial support for Clean Hands Project organized by the Ministry of Education in 2012 and made press announcement of the project.

Urban Development / Cultural Heritage

1)      Gave financial support to build bridges, mosques and other urban developments in Adana and Osmaniye

2)      Made financial support to build one of the minarets of Sabancı Central Mosque which is one of the symbols for Adana

3)      Being Sponsorship and supplied product for the Wrestling Festival to protect our culture and hand down to the next generations.


Organized ‘Sunflower Rising in Muş with Sunar Group’ Project