New approach to production concept

NCS has started its operation with 60.000 new generations hard and soft core planting in its own land based in Çukurova which is one of the leading regions for fruit production in Turkey. NCS grows six species of nectarine, three species of peaches, twelve species of Japanese plums, three species of dwarf apples, persimmon and American pomegranates in its fruit garden.

NCS aims to supply fresh fruit for both home and international markets therefore it has got project of high technology packing-house and cold storage. NCS incorporates technological infrastructure of modern agriculture. It success is proven by ıts GLOBALGAP (EUREPGAP) certificate.

NCS has become a rising value of Turkish agriculture and produces elite type, high quality, high tonnage fruit to both home and international markets. NCS aims to become one of the major fruit suppliers to Turkey, Europe and the Middle East with grooving quality products using the most modern agricultural production technologies.