In the 1980s, cotton planting area has been considerably lowered in despite of increasing maize cultivation in Çukurova region therefore factory that can process of corn derivatives was needed.

Mr.Nuri Çomu, agricultural engineer and industrialist, has done feasibility studies for the process of corn derivatives in 1980s. At that time needed starch was used to import by Turkish industrialists. The demand of starch and quality of it was insufficient in Turkey.

After this determination, by pursuing the regional needs and feasibility studies, he started the investments in order to produce starch and glucose syrups in Adana in1985. In a very short time like one year, with the effort and encouragements of Mr. Nuri ÇOMU, Sunar started its operation with a corn processing capacity of 50 tons/day in Jan.1986.

Sunar Mısır begun to produce on the starch and dextrin in January 1986 and continued its steady growth with its investment for production of glucose syrup at the same year. Sunar Mısır has continued its investment accordance with the principle of continuous development. It built refined oil production plant to process the germ of the corn kernel in 1990, and built modified starch production facilities in parallel of development of textile and paper industries in 1992 and finally in 2002, completed iso-glucose facilities and has become an important integrated facilities on international scale with a range of product.

It has been continuously increased technology and knowledge since that date and manufactures food, paper corrugated cardboard, chemistry and a wide range of high quality products for industrial applications.